“I am getting a better salary , so I want to leave.” Any other reason “No, it’s just the salary, I am happy otherwise.”

I have heard this often in my three decades of career in the corporate world and startups I was a part of.

There is nothing wrong in wanting a higher salary . But I have seen that such individuals don’t go far.

And the reason is the attitude is “what can I get” and this shows up sooner or later.

And I feel it makes sense to let such people go because they will eventually move whenever they find a higher salary somewhere.

And their contribution is transactional.

If you see any successful person in any field you would find that the question they ask is “what can I give , how can I make a difference.”

Money is just a medium of exchange of value . So the real question is “What is the value I am adding in the world.”

And you can best add value if what you do is what you are passionate about , because then it is not work.

When you live by ‘Thank God it is Friday’ you are missing out an opportunity to live life Every Day.

“Thank God it is morning and I want to get off the bed and welcome another beautiful day to make a difference” the shift from “What I can get” to “What can I give” is when you truly live.

You don’t move organisations because you get a pay hike rather move the day you don’t feel like getting out of bed for many days in a row.

It’s not worth just surviving , being part of the 9 to 5 crowd because then you are a commodity. And commodity can be replaced by someone or something cheaper sooner or later.

You have but just one life and it does not make sense to be at the end of life and have regrets of not having lived your passion.

You have a special gift , give your gift to the world, and keep asking “what can I give?” each day in every interaction. Get better each day , add greater value .

In my experience with this attitude in life there is no way the universe will not pay you back. Whatever you do , it does not matter , you will always be in demand . Because you are a artist and you love what you do and it will show up.

Sanjay Mudnaney



Organisation cultures are built around stories,
founders have stories,
organisations have stories,
employees have stories,
clients have stories
communities you work in have stories,
there are stories around work you do , impact you make in the world.

Tell your stories , because stories cut through communication clutter , stories touch hearts , stories are remembered and stories are passed on .

Stories mean business.
Organisations don’t buy , people buy and people buy stories they connect with .

Leaders tell stories, stories that inspire change , start a movement.

In the digital world, you control the stories you tell , no intermediaries ,no barriers ,you can reach your stories without filters to your tribes across the world .

You can build , engage and convert your tribes with stories you tell .

In a world that has just witnessed a once in a century event of the pandemic. There is a nervous uncertainty. Brands have a role to play in healing , comforting and being responsible.

It is time for organisations and brands to tell stories of a better future, for the people , for the community, for our planet.

Let us tell stories of hope , stories of love , stories of compassion, stories that inspire change , stories that make a difference.

Sanjay Mudnaney

Storyteller , #passionproject

Founder , Crow Tales , Heroes of India



Traditionally news and views covered by media influenced public opinion which was largely print followed by television .

Today public opinions are formed on social media and the action is rapid . All stakeholders, clients , employees , shareholders , prospective clients , prospective employees, community are now spending a lot more time in the digital world.

It is easy today for almost anyone to become a broadcaster and not depend on the intermediary news channels to carry their story.

Similarly it is easy for stakeholders to get their voice heard and spread on social media .

This is reputation on the edge 24×7 , before you know it news can get viral and damage brand reputation.

Mass media has been replaced with intelligent targeted media communication on social media . One can build engage and convert tribes to fans.

Digital reputation is built around Good authentic Storytelling aligned to the brand message.

Educating , Inspiring and Informing your tribes on social media is all the more essential today.

Most of the content consumption on the internet, almost 80% is video content .

Is PR ready for this change ? Having led Corporate Communications in a leading IT company and then at a startup I founded , I noticed agencies struggle to understand the new medium.

At Crow Tales the digital storytelling company I co founded , we could build brand reputation for our clients and also help them drive business with authentic visual storytelling and education.

This change is not about just adding digital as a division or recruiting a digital marketing team but completely rethinking PR in the age of fake news and deep polarisation.

There is a shift of public opinion favouring more humane organisations, sensitised to sustainability and community issues .

Consumers are more inclined to reward organisations that have profit with purpose at their heart and do meaningful business.

For example how Organisations acted in times of COVID reflects on how public would see them going ahead . How they treated their employees, partners and how they supported the community in these most difficult times will definite their character.

It is time for Brands to tell stories of hope , of a better future by connecting with stories of good .

As a digital storyteller I am excited about the future of marketing and PR are you ?

Sanjay Mudnaney



Many times I noticed I would hold back , not take a step to live my dreams , because of fear . “What will happen if “ is the biggest falsehood that kills dreams .

“What will happen if it does not work out ?” and “what will they think?” stops many from taking the steps to live their dreams.

Finally we all die , so if that is given what is the fear that remains ? And no one cares about your life so no point thinking about what others will think.

If life will end one day and no one knows what that day is why not make the best of the time while we live ?

Why not live fully , love fully and leave a legacy?

Make this life a beautiful adventure, enjoy the journey, live all your dreams. There is nothing like being safe remember in the end we all die.

Love fully not only your family and your friends, but include your community, all the plants and animals in our world. A compassionate life heals.

Leave a legacy , contribute your best gifts in the world. It would be a small footprint in time but it would leave a mark.

No point accumulating as you leave everything behind, travel light , it will add to your freedom to live your dreams.

1. Prepare your bucket list of things you wish to do in life . I have mine and I keep ticking off the boxes.

2. Maintain a journal, reflect every day how you have lived and what you are grateful for .

Don’t die with regrets of not having lived your life fully , not having loved fully . Don’t die with your song in your heart .

Begin Now ! No one knows about tomorrow.

Sanjay Mudnaney



As a child I was fascinated with stories, I would read books , we had plenty of them at home and I would get lost in the world of stories.

I remember once when I was sick my father got me a full series of Amar Chitra Katha comics and I had my best time. He would encourage me to read books. We had all kinds of books at home , mythology, history, fiction, full set of encyclopaedia and my best time spent was getting lost in stories.

I was fascinated by history, I would live the lives of the characters in my imagination, I could feel being there travelling back in time . I was a topper in my school and later in the board in history.

I carried forward my love for stories in my profession as a marketeer . Now I was telling stories for brands .

From ‘here’ to ‘there’ is the most powerful story humans have ever told . From the place we are to where we wish to be is a trait that propelled us to explore the planets and our universe and even put man on the moon.

Every person I can see around has a story, and that story has a dream , a dream for a better future for self , family , community . Despite of wherever we are , whatever maybe our challenges we all hold a dreams within our hearts till we die. The day we stop dreaming we die.

As children we are all dreamers but when we grow up we forget to dream , as a marketeer and storyteller I help people to dream again. I have never sold anything , I have helped people dream again.

I have been telling stories, stories of the future, stories of change , stories of experiences, stories of making a difference, stories of heroes, stories of cultures of the organisations I worked at , stories of brands , stories of people behind the brands . I am a storyteller .

I was also fortunate that as co founder of Mastek Foundation I got to meet and stay with some of the most amazing people in India who were making a difference in our communities and I told their stories to inspire change . This then was later to be a foundation for Heroes of India project where I would tell stories of good through short documentary films.

As the world moved digital , I started telling stories in the digital world, stories that got people to act , raise funds for causes , stories that touched hearts , stories that inspired generations of employees in organisations , stories that built brand trust and consumers to take action.

I even wrote and published a fiction story book ‘Story Tellers Secret’ which is based on my personal life experiences. ( the book is available on Amazon)

Let me tell you the story of Crow Tales http://www.CrowTales.in . It all began over a cup of coffee at Starbucks . That is where I first met the co-founder of Crow Tales Reshma Sharma. We were both storytellers with similar interests .

Starbucks, Hiranandani,where it all began

Both of us had similar backgrounds in marketing , HR and CSR communications , PR , agency and most importantly we understood storytelling in the digital world. I also carried the experience of co founding a startup , so the startup bug was always there.

As storytellers we just wanted to tell good stories and stories of good in the digital world through visual storytelling.

I know this is the future of marketing as consumers ignore interruption marketing and take charge of the content they consume , they consume content that entertains , educates , informs adds value to their lives and touches their hearts .

Authentic stories build brand trust and that is the most important equity for any brand.

I also see the need for organisations , brands , causes to get more compassionate and tell human stories, real stories of their people , their values , their culture, their contribution to the community , their impact.

Brands need to be good , do good and also be seen to do good. Profit with purpose is not just a buzz word it is a way of doing business.

This is the intersection of three areas where I have spent my life , marketing , storytelling and corporate social responsibility. It is what I am passionate about and I see as blessed work. It is work that can make a difference in our world. It is work that can get consumers to connect with meaningful brand stories that cut through the communication clutter.

What started as a childhood hobby of reading stories and getting lost in them is coming a full circle with Crow Tales a digital storytelling company.

I am living my passion , are you ?

Sanjay Mudnaney

Founder , Crow Tales

What is your story ? we can connect virtually over a cup of coffee and I strongly believe a lot can happen over a cup of coffee.



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